Alternative Energy

Congratulations on taking your first steps towards going green. Your vision and interest in renewable energy is commendable. Together we can greatly reduce the amount of imported foreign oil used to meet Hawaiis energy needs.

Energy Plus Electric, LLC has installed more Kilowatts of commercial PV and large scale home systems than any other C-13 licensed Electrical Contractor in Hawaii.


The Solar Roof system features covering your available roof area with integrated solar modules to generate maximum electrical power. In addition to generating electricity and energy cost savings, the solar roof protects the building from thermal heating and from damaging U-V rays. We use top quality, long lasting materials and high efficiency photovoltaic modules to generate the maximum power and integrates seamlessly into the design of the surrounding landscape, architecture and electrical infrastructure.

  • Lower Electricity Purchases. Electricity purchases from the utility will be reduced by decreasing the total electricity drawn from the utility; (kWh).
  • Hedge Against Future Electricity Price Spikes. Because the cost of electricity over three decades is essentially known on the first day of operation, the project provides a hedge against future price jumps like those being seen today. Utility electricity prices are susceptible to periodic increases as power plant and transmission grid construction loses ground to the States increasing demand for electricity.
  • Higher Quality Electricity. The electricity generated by your photovoltaic system will be higher quality than utility electricity by avoiding noise generated across the utilitys transmission and distribution network.

Benefits of your solar electric installation include:

  • Tax benefits that offset from 30% to as much as 65% of the Photovoltaic system cost.
  • Reliability: 25-yr warranty on PV module power output; virtually no maintenance required.
  • Onsite electricity generation from an underutilized asset the roof.
  • Public recognition and goodwill from customers, employees and the surrounding community for implementing an economically sound, non-polluting and energy independent strategy.

Energy Plus Electric LLC

  • We will work with an Electrical Engineer to Design and build your Green system.

  • Custom wire your dream home or commercial site so that it meets national electrical Code and County ordinances and is also wired to be Energy efficient.

  • Install Hybrid wind or Solar systems.

  • Wire Backup generators and battery storage.

  • Net metering to reduce your Utility bills.

  • Assist with lease packages, loans, power purchase agreements and Dept of Ag federal grants.

Together Using Innovative & Technology We Work To Making Hawaii Self Sufficient.


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